Saturday, October 1, 2016

Simmers Meetup 2016.

Peace be upon you and Hello guys!

On this very 1st October at 1854 exactly I got a facebook notification about the simmers meetup live in Manchester, UK. And the first thing I feel is JEALOUS and excited just comes second. Well, they actually announced about it somewhere earlier about the meetup and tickets but it wasn't on the sims fb so I don't know about that. bummer. They actually announced it on twitter and I am an avid twitter user but I didn't know about it or it just didn't cross over my timeline. what a second bummer. And a few moment ago I just figured out that they actually have official fb, twitter, instagram, and youtube channel and I didn't know about it. third bummer ugghh. 

Well now here I am in my beloved country Malaysia, ten thousands km awayyyy can't afford to rush and be there like right now. hahahaha. So what I can do for being too far away is  just stalk the official medias and people who tweeted and posted about the event. I'm so excited that it happens and I really wants to share it with my fellow readers. (took the pics from @luketheplumbob and @simmersmeetup on twitter)

TSPF merchandise

And this is the part that I think it become really unfair to me that they brought an alpaca (llama) to the meetup.

The event is hosted in at the EventCity, Manchester, UK, and it is the biggest and most ambitious yet, held in the second largest venue outside London. It also featuring popular simmer including TheSimSupply, TheEnglishSimmer, and more. There also Sims Workshop which teach how to master the build mode, create Let's Play, and more with favorite Simmers. Experiencing the Sims 4 and all released expansion packs, game packs, and stuff packs. Trying out The Sims FreePlay and experience the game with ultimate in-game currency. Trying the ultimate building game, The SimCity Build on mobile, And also discovers stores and goodies from partners. bla bla blaaa.. hehe

Okay, I've come to the end of the post. I just want to say, I will make it to the next meet up!! I WILL! Here is the link to the official simmers meet up website where you can also find the other link of their other social medias there too. SIMMERS MEETUP 

Have a nice day/night to everyone. Bye :D
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