Friday, September 30, 2016

Cute Alpaca Merchandise!

Peace be upon you and Hello everyone!

So actually yesterday I was googling some stuff and suddenly I found some cute alpaca merchandises online!! and yeah mostly those are overseas stuff and I came to a bit a lot actually disappointment because it turn out to be very expensive after the shipping price and converted to Malaysia currency.

I just want to put it here, because I can't afford to have it for now. HaHa But yeah! I'm surely will get at least one of it for the sake of alpaca. XD

SPIT HAPPENS! by Riaora Creations

Pole Dancing Alpaca design by pretzelsnake

Okay, so if there's anyone want to get those stuff  you guys can just click on the pic because I already add the link that will send you to the page. And yeah don't forget to share and tag me if you get yours.

I also wish to know any other bloggers that so into alpaca like me, do comment below so we cant do something about our interest haha.

Much love from me, Niqqy :*

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