Thursday, August 27, 2015

Finding Cool Blogs From Another Side of World.

Hello guys! Hope you're all in pink of health.

I been scrolling through my blogger dashboard, looking on those blogs' feeds from people that I been following, mostly they talk about their experiences, segments, giveaway, gossips, news, tips, tutorials, and many many moreee...

Yeap, I'm from Malaysia and of course most of bloggers I'm following are from Malaysia too. Sometimes, I wonder what people outside Malaysia been writing about. Im sure some of them must be writing bout experiences, gossips, story, bla bla blaa, and more... (lol) But in what way?

Why I am questioning bout "in what way"?

It is because I been following a blog named Mayor Gia, and I'm so enjoyed and interested to read all her post because its fun and she inserted those like comic strips that she drew herself and that's the cool stuff! plus I like all her story too. I know people post things in their blog like how they want it. No rules or you set your own rules, go with your way. The thing is everyone have their own and different way. That's what makes the world colorful.

And that's it what I would like to explore. Read some cool new stuff from the other side of world. So, right now I'm still trying to reach out some of those cool blogs. I would like to recommend Mayor Gia to you, and you might like her too.

if any of you would like to suggest me a blog, leave up the link in the comment box below. :)
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